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About us

Founded in 1991, the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Bucharest set itself the objective of institutionalising political science as an important and autonomous domain in the area of academic research. Our mission is to conduct in-depth research in the field of political science and form students at high academic standards.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected through the international profile of the academic staff and student performance. Professors at the Faculty of Political Science graduated from prestigious universities and have extensive research experience both nationally and internationally. Our graduates have followed multiple career paths either as members of the European academic community, or as experts, civil servants in central and local institutions, ambassadors, journalists or private consultants, as well as employees of EU institutions.

The Faculty of Political Science stands out as a unique academic institution in Romania given its multilingual educational dimension, true to its European spirit. Our institution offers students complete BA tracks in one of the three following languages: Romanian, French or English. Students have thus the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the main political science concepts and theoretical approaches in a foreign language and to acquire a fundamental understanding of the Romanian political system, European institutions or international relations.

The international nature of our programs is ensured not only by the multilingual perspective, but also by the numerous cooperation programs developed with over 90 universities and prestigious institutions in France, Belgium, Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Greece, Finland, Germany and Norway. That character is equally confirmed by the mobility scholarships awarded to our students and by the constant presence of visiting professors from prestigious universities abroad.

The Faculty of Political Science at the University of Bucharest devotes itself to the advancement of in-depth research in political science, encouraging academic excellence and setting new standards in educational practices in Romania. The courses and seminars at our faculty promote an important interactive dimension both from a theoretical and practical perspective in order to encourage the students’ critical thinking ability.