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Course Offer

The Department of Political Science organizes the selection of candidates for the following Master programs:

Comparative Politics. Central and Eastern European Politics and Societies (in English)

Relații Internaționale (International Relations – in Romanian)

Politică europeană și românească (European and Romanian Politics – in Romanian)

Studii europene (European Studies)

Teorie politică (Political Theory)


Applications for admission to the Master’s programmes organized by FSPUB are open to citizens of Member States of the European Union or European Economic Area and the Confederation of Switzerland, holding a bachelor's degree (or its equivalent).

Selection procedure

Admission to all master's programmes involves two tests:

1. Writing a RESEARCH PROJECT (up to 10,000 characters, in the language of the MA programme) that addresses the theme that the candidate wishes to explore during the 4 semesters of study: its interest, novelty and relevance for a particular research area, as well as the feasibility of the research.

The research project should contain a selective bibliography constructed by the applicant, intended to prove knowledge by the candidate of the main theoretical elements and of the methodological approach able to support this endeavour.

REMARK: The candidates for the Master’s Programme in Comparative Politics will draft their research projects in English.

2. Each candidate will defend the proposed research project in an INTERVIEW, which aims to verify the soundness of the project, and the candidate's ability to participate in a programme of advanced study in political science. The interview will test the candidate’s knowledge of area specific research project and their academic culture in political science field.

REMARK: For the master's programme in COMPARATIVE POLITICS, the oral exam will be held in English.

The candidates can receive any mark between 1 and 10 for the competition.

The final result is the arithmetic average of the marks corresponding to the two tests.

Within each master's programme, the candidates are ranked in the decreasing order of the final average grades obtained in the competition. The minimum admission average may not be lower than 6 (six).

REMARK: In the event of a tie, the candidates with the higher average grade during their undergraduate studies (the arithmetic mean of the annual average grades and the average obtained for the BA exam) will be selected.

Once they are verified and approved by the corresponding Central Commission, the results of the admission examination will be posted at the Institute for Political Research and on the website of the Faculty of Political Science no later than 48 hours after the end of the oral exam. No contestations are admissible.

According to their results in the competition, the candidates for each master's programme will be ranked as follows:

·         Candidates admitted to the places financed by the national budget for education (numerus clausus)

·         Candidates who have obtained final results above 6 (six) and who must pay an annual fee (thus finding alternative means of financing)

·         Unsuccessful candidates


Applications to the Master's programs must be submitted between September 1st and September 5th.

Applicants are invited to submit their application at the Secretariat of the FSPUB, 24, Sfantul Stefan Street, sector 2, Bucharest, according to the following schedule:

Monday – Friday

9.00 - 12.30

Saturday - Sunday

9.00 - 12.30

The application file will contain the following elements:

1. Application for registration

2. Original Baccalaureate Diploma

3. Original Bachelor's diploma and Transcript of records

(Certificate of graduation for the class of 2010)

4. Certified copy of birth certificate

5. 3 photos 3 cm x 4 cm

6. Proof of payment of the admission fee (the fee will be paid at the FSPUB)

7. Research project
8. Medical certificate
9. A copy of the candidate's identity card.

The second phase of the admission examination (the interview) is scheduled for the 10th of September.

Additional information: master@icp.ro