Enrollment procedures for the Erasmus students

As a student wishing to study at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Bucharest (FSPUB) through the Erasmus program, you will be given a registration certificate (in Romanian called dispoziție de înmatriculare) signed by the University of Bucharest's Rector and issued by the University’s EU Programs Office-Erasmus.

Once you are given this registration certificate by the University’s EU Programs Office-Erasmus, you have to bring it to the Erasmus FSPUB Office, along with three recent photos. You are kindly asked to fill in the form attached here. After you submit this form, the photos and the registration certificate, the secretary office will issue your student ID and your public transportation card, and will register you as a student in the Faculty’s records. 

After your registration as an Erasmus student, you must show your study contract to the FSPUB Erasmus Coordinators. The Erasmus coordinators will inform you about the study programs in the Faculty's curriculum. The Erasmus coordinators are available for any advice you might need related to your studies at the FSPUB, during the office hours or by email.

According to the courses specified in the Learning Agreement, you will be registered in special grades registries that will include the ERASMUS specification in the header. During your studies at the FSPUB, you will be given grades according to the Romanian grading system.

At the end of your studies at our Department of Political Science, the secretary issues your academic transcript of records signed by the secretary-in-chief, the Erasmus coordinator, and the dean. All your grades will be included in your final transcript of records (according to the grades registries issued by the secretary).

At the end of your stay, you will have to present your final transcript of records to the University’s EU Programs-Erasmus Office.

As a student enrolled at the Department of Political Science, if you wish to attend courses of other departments within the University of Bucharest, your grades registries and university transcript of records will be issued by the respective secretariats.