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Free software and your freedom: Richard Stallman and Ceata.org on advancing and protecting fundamental rights within the digital space

postat 14 feb. 2013, 09:37 de FSP UB   [ actualizat la 14 feb. 2013, 10:03 ]
Within The Sponge project, the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Bucharest (FSPUB) is honoured to support and invite its community members to an exceptional event dedicated to the advancement and protection of rights and liberties within the digital space, as part of the launch of the Fundaţia Ceata:


a keynote lecture by


22 February, 14:00
Sala Aula Magna of the Faculty of Law
(36-46 Mihail Kogalniceanu blvd.)

Event opened by Tiberiu C. Turbureanu,
founder and president of Fundaţia Ceata

Founder of the GNU project and president of the Free Software Foundation, Dr. Richard M. STALLMAN has been for over three decades a major global actor in advancing and promoting the rights and freedoms of the computer users, through the Free Software Movement that he initiated. A Harvard graduate of physics and a recipient of the famous MacArthur Foundation grant (the so called "genius" grant), he pioneered the concept of copyleft used in connection to the the right to use, modify and distribute free software, and is the main author of the most widely used free software license - GNU General Public License (GPL). His lecture will focus on the free software movement.

Fundaţia Ceata began its activity in June 2008 in Bucharest as an informal group. In the years that had come, Ceata has formed a diverse Romanian community with the purpose of liberating the users from restrictions in art and technology. Ceata has organized many events in Bucharest and other cities from Romania and the Republic of Moldova devoted to promoting user freedoms, as well as projects aimed at writing computer programs and art works under free licenses. More details at ceata.org.

The event is free, does noes require registration and is open to everyone.
The language of the conference is English.

This announcement can be used under the Free Culture license CC-BY-SA.