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Lectures on "Ethnicity and Religion in Muslim Jewish relations: the Ottoman case"

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The Center for Israel Studies at FSPUB invites you at the Series of lectures on "Ethnicity and Religion in Muslim Jewish relations: the Ottoman case" (Monday 21 Oct., Tuesday 22 Oct, from 14,30 to 17,00; sala 1, FSPUB)

This series of lectures looks into the relationship between Jews and Muslims in the Ottoman Turkish culture, with a view to a correct understanding of the background of the current developments in Middle Eastern politics and conflicts. Jews and Muslims have coexisted in the Mediterranean and the Middle East for more than a thousand years-- sometimes in harmony, other times in conflict, but always with intensity. The lectures trace Jewish-Muslim relations from their origins in early Islam to the 19th century, focusing on the cultural group known as “Sephardim in the Ottoman lands” as an example of a working model of peaceful coexistence that disappeared under the influence of European colonialism. Topics include: legal structures (Fermans-Royal Decrees) for co-existence, the medieval consensus, the life of the Jewish communities in the Ottoman lands, the changes brought by the Tanzimat.

1. Jewish presence in the Anatolian landscape, and the First Ottoman Synagogue (The `Etz Hayeem` in Bursa)
2. The `Millet` System in the Ottoman Empire (the legal status of non-Muslim minorities)
3. The Arrival of the `Gerush`(`expelled`) from Catholic Spain to the Muslim Ottoman Empire
4. The `Blood Libel` in the Ottoman Legal Fermans
5. Tanzimat reforms and the Ottoman Jews in the 19th century

Bulent Senay (PhD in religious & cultural studies from Lancaster University, UK) is currently professor of history of religion and culture at the Faculty of Theology, Uludag University, Bursa, Turkey.