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Profesor Honoris Causa: Viktor J. Vanberg

postat 8 mai 2013, 04:01 de FSP UB
Facultatea de Științe Politice a Universității din București
are onoarea să vă invite la decernarea titlului de


Prof.Em. Viktor J. Vanberg

Marți, 14 mai, ora 10:00,
Sala Negulescu (Str.Spiru Haret 8)

Professor Emeritus Viktor J. Vanberg is a reputed professor and researcher in the fields of constitutional economics, public choice, and evolutionary economics, with major contributions to crucial subjects in social sciences, such as the nature and formation of rules and constitutions, institutional dimensions of the markets, the role of competition in markets and politics, the relation between constitutional economics perspective and ethics. The high originality of Professor Vanberg’s work stems form his starting career as a sociologists with a special interest in rules and institutions and his later focus on explanatory potential of methodological individualism with regard to non-market type phenomena like organizations and corporate actions. Professor Vanberg’s work has not only been drawing extensively on legendary figures’ work in social science like F.A. von Hayek, but, at the same time, has been intimately related to the academic career of a titan such as Nobel Laureate in Economics James Buchanan to whom he was a close associate and whom our university also honored in 1994 with a Doctor Honoris Causa.